Is there anyone out there who can truly say, in all honesty, that they like their cell phone company?

When my friggin 2 year contract was up, I started shopping around.  My current company made me an offer that sounded great so I took it.  It turned out to be the same deal everyone gets when they sign up except for a couple of key points that I specifically asked for – and they ‘forgot’ to give me.  They also argued with me that any such promises were never made in the first place and seemed unwilling or unhappy to check the notes on my account.  The phone sucked, the plan wasn’t much of an improvement on what I already had (once I factored in that they forgot the other stuff they promised me) and I almost called them back and told them to eat shit and bark at the moon, as my mom would say.  But I didn’t.

I stuck with them because I haven’t had any dropped calls.  The only time I’ve ever had service issues was when I was out of state, and I don’t do that much anymore – if ever.  So I put up with the crappy customer service, crappy phone, crappy plans all because why?

Well, again to be honest – it was the path of least resistance.  I didn’t have to change anything – didn’t have to fill out forms or answer questions or any of that.  But I’m right back where I was and thinking that I need to just change to a new provider no matter what the hassles involved.

Customer service at all of the providers is crap and it’s their own fault – they treat everyone the same – like crap!  The prime focus of each and everyone of these companies is to get new subscribers to their service – once you’re in, they could really care less about you.  Until it’s time to renew, and even then they really only half care about you.  Maybe an eighth care about you.

It even extends to the retail locations.  My provider is Sprint.  I walked into a Sprint store to ask a couple of questions, and when the guy helping me found out that I already had the service, he was less interested in talking to me.  He even ditched me when someone new walked in the door.  It’s all about the new sale, the new contract.

I read a lot of news stories talking about the various providers who’ve been losing people at renewal time and the overwhelming reason why is crappy customer service.  I’d love to see a cell revolution in this country, but I don’t think one will ever come, and as long as the providers prime focus is capturing new subscribers instead of nurturing the client base they already have, it’ll never get better for anyone.