It seems silly to me that people keep filing these lawsuits against Google for basically bringing them business.

Some Belgian newspapers are suing Google for violating their copyrights by reprinting headlines and linking to their stories on their websites.

Ya know, if Google were pushing a ton of traffic to my site, traffic from people who wouldn’t otherwise have even known I or my site existed, boy howdee – I’d be pissed too!  I mean, how -dare- Google drive traffic to a website!!  Who do they think they are – some sort of search engine?!

I’m sorry but this is just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of in my life.  Google builds a service that lets’s you read stories from all over the world – stories that you may not have ever known about otherwise, and the writers of those news stories are upset over it because…?

I use Google News all the time.  I can go there and find dozens of articles from all over the map.  I click the links and visit the sites, read the articles and stories and move on.  It’s a win-win!  That these newspapers don’t or can’t see that boggles the mind.

…incidentally, I found this story on Google News.