As someone who doesn’t particularly like to have his photo taken, I find it ironic that I spend my days telling people in sales positions that it’s time to update their photos for marketing.

It’s amazing how people in customer facing sales positions dislike having their photos done so much that they will cling to photos ten or more years out of date just so they don’t have to go through what is obviously the most traumatizing experience of their adult life: a photoshoot.

And when they do show up, they don’t even look their best.  I get tons of excuses too: I forgot, I didn’t know what to wear – this after I send a nice little email giving tips on what to wear and how to present yourself.

Once the photos are taken, they have loads of things to say – all bad.  You show up for a photoshoot not looking your best, not even making an effort, and then once you have the photos in hand, you go on and on about how awful they look.  "The lighting is all wrong, I look fat, I should’ve worn makeup" – the list goes on and on.

So I do what any other person in my position would do – photoshop the hell out of the photos and make them look their absolute best.  Which is working well enough, believe it or not.  I’ve turn many a frown upside down thanks to some touch up photoshop magic.

…doesn’t mean I’m gonna get MY photo done any time soon…