I’m reminded of an episode of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, sixth season, called ‘Villains’.  Andrew says: “I miss ‘Ferris’ Matthew…  Broadway Matthew?  I find him cold.”

I miss ‘Willow’ Aly.  ‘How I met your mother’ Aly seems cold to me in the last couple of seasons.

This is the Aly I miss:

willow rosenberg

I recall Joss Whedon saying something like, “Alyson Hannigan, cutest creature on the planet” and it was true when she had the red hair, but the semi-goth look here lately?  It looks terrible.

alyson hannigan


I suppose I could pick up the Buffy comics that are out and get a ‘Willow fix’ but down that path (comics) lays a whole different kind of danger for me so I don’t know that I will be doing that any time soon.

So, Aly if you’re out there and you happen to catch this post, go back to red hair plz.  🙂