I have to admit, I was tired of this presidential election before it even started. It feels like it started as soon as the last one ended with everyone bitching. I think the pundits and cable news shows started talking about the possibilities of the upcoming election before the celebratory balloons from the last one had finished gently falling to the convention center floor.

I find myself tuning out whenever election stuff starts up. Even Google News, my central hub for all things newsworthy, has become annoying with all the election coverage (I know I can probably turn those panes off but that would take an effort I am unwilling to expend the energy on).

There’s not a single candidate who resonates with me in the least. Which is probably why I am so apathetic about the whole thing.  I might also be getting more than a little cynical.

Most people (or so it seems to me) tend to see more good in their respective parties and candidates as they get older while I seem to see more BS in everything they say. Honestly, how can anyone believe anything that comes out of a politicians mouth these days?

“Flip Flop” seems to be the norm. Most candidates can’t seem to decide exactly what it is they believe on any given subject until after the polls come out. They only tell you what they think you want to hear and then they go off and do whatever they want once their elected.  If a new poll comes out, they ‘adjust’ their leanings based on the new data – how can anyone get anything done that way?

Besides, anyone who thinks a politician is going to do anything other than what they need to get reelected is dreaming.

Anyway, it’s just feeling so pointless. Career politicians living their entire adult lives in office doesn’t help us – I’m sorry if you disagree, but it just doesn’t help. They become entrenched in their own little circles of powers, kings and queens of their respective mountains daring the next generation to knock them off their peaks.

I guess that means I support term limits. If someone were only allowed to be in office for eight years tops (it works for presidents?) would that mean we’d get better representation or worse? Would they work harder to get things done or would they simply not care?

Wouldn’t a new crop of elected officials every eight years mean that the system would work better?  You wouldn’t have the same dynamics that you have now that’s for sure.  No one could become ‘entrenched’.  Power would shift with every election and wouldn’t that force people to work together?  Bi-partisan cooperation at last.

I suppose some would argue it would be nothing but anarchy, that nothing could get done with such a revolving door politician system.  Considering the shape of things here lately, maybe that would be a good thing.