There’s a couple things in the movie news that caught my eye and I wanted to talk about it for a second.

First, they’re making another X-Files movie.  I think I would’ve been excited about this if the first one hadn’t sucked.  Granted, I went to see it with someone who whispered to me a lot and wanted stuff explained, but that didn’t really annoy me as much as the movie itself.  I mean, I didn’t feel like it was anything that couldn’t (or shouldn’t) have been done as a two part episode or something.

To be honest, I didn’t even keep up with the series after that.  I watched a few episodes here and there, knew that Mulder left but I don’t even know how he came back or anything, so I think seeing another movie would just confuse me.  Anyway, SciFi talks about the trailer here.

In another story, they’re talking about the new proposed ‘Hobbit’ movie.  I have kept up with the ongoing battles between Peter Jackson and New Line.  Personally, I was on Jackson’s side of the whole thing.  Seemed fishy to me that New Line wouldn’t let him look at the books.  Then they said he would never work on another of their movies again.

Now, after huge backlash from fans of the Rings films and from the actors of those films themselves (who refused to take part in some New Line promotional stuff), it looks like Jackson and New Line have worked out their issues.  Jackson is gonna be producing the flick now and I think that’s going to make all the difference in the quality of the project as a whole – he really seems to care for the subject matter and that’s huge.

Which makes me wonder about Dune.   They are once again trying to adapt the book for the big screen.  I remember when the first film came out – I caught it on VHS – it was 2 tapes and I made some of my cousins watch it with me.  It was horrible.  I liked the SciFi channels versions, but even with the amount of time and effort they put into it, it still didn’t capture everything.  Ah well – we’ll see how it goes.

As for ‘The Hobbit’, Ian McKellen says he’s onboard for the film, if offered – that would rock.  I think he did an excellent job playing Gandalf and I’d like to see him reprise the role.  I wonder if it won’t have to be split into two movies to get the full story.  I can’t help but recall the old ‘Rankin Bass’ animated movies and how rushed they felt.

At least with Peter Jackson involved, there’s a chance it’ll be done right.  We’ll just have to wait and see.