So, I’ve got this itch that I need to scratch.  That itch is blogging.

I’ve had The New Universe for quite some time now.   I’ve always had this concept of what I want it to be but I’ve never been able to fully realize that concept to my satisfaction.  SO, here I go again trying to get closer to that concept in my head! 😉

I’m separating out the different sections of the site; I’ll have the blog here, where I can talk about anything at all that comes to mind (hence the title: All Things From My Brain), The Writing will be about my original Fiction (SciFi and Fantasy fiction to be more specific), The Store will be some branded merchandise that people can buy to support the site (hey – that’s you!) and then there will be some other stuff maybe later (/foreshadowing).

Stick around, check back often and tell me what you think as I move forward.