So I wanted to start talking more about my life here, which is part of the reason I separated the blog aspect of the site from the writing. It felt odd to try and talk about the day to day stuff when people were all, “OMG WHERE’S SAM KANE?!” or, “TABOR! WE WANT TABOR!”

You know who you are.

My ma offered to take me to dinner tonight. I thought about it for a second, then realized that a free dinner sounded great (having checked my finances earlier in the day and realizing that bills had to be paid soon…). We went to what is really a ‘hole in the wall’ kinda place but slightly larger than the usual hole in the wall – Little Anita’s.

I like Little Anita’s – I’ve liked it since I first went to lunch there with my cousin years ago. I want to say it was within the first month after I moved to Colorado that she introduced me to the place and I still love it today.

They’ve had a couple of locations that I know of; the first one I frequented was on Colorado Blvd near my first apartment here, the second was just shy of downtown on Colfax (now closed) and a third one has come further south near I-25 and Arapahoe – which is where we ended up.

They had something new on the menu, which I decided to try: a carne asada platter. Strips of steak over enchiladas with some other stuff thrown in for good measure and all of it smothered in either red (my choice) or green chile. I couldn’t wait.

I should’ve waited. Bleh. The steak was terrible. I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered it – I should’ve stuck to the stuff I know and love and skipped that. I ate the enchiladas, beans, chips and soapapila.

Later, I gave a friend a ride from a Honda service center back to his house, passing a DQ on the way and thought, “Well, you didn’t really have a complete dinner, so why not stop in for a little somethin something from DQ on the way back?”

This was my second mistake of the evening. Sigh.

I ordered an Oreo Cookie Mint Blizzard. See, I like mint chocolate chip ice cream – it’s one of my favorites. When we go out for ice cream I’m usually the first one to go, “Hey – do they have mint chocolate chip?” So I thought I was pretty safe with the Oreo Cookie Mint Blizzard.

And I was wrong.

It was -nasty-. I do not recommend it at all. I think they added something to it to simulate mint and used a dye on the ice cream to turn it green. I took a couple of spoonfuls and then dumped it. So not worth it.

Home again and Destination Truth is on SciFi. I have to admit, this show has grown on me. Josh Gates, the host, has the kind of sense of humor that appeals to me. The premise is that he and his team of intrepid investigators travel the globe in search of supernatural or mysterious creatures. They search for evidence to prove or debunk the reports, talk to the witnesses and see what there is to see.

Tonight they went to Vietnam in search of a sea monster and to East Africa in search of a giant bat that’s been attacking people. I won’t spoil it for you should you decide to watch it, but it was pretty good as usual. I notice, the more I watch, that they rarely come up with anything at all conclusive. They do have their moments of intensity, where they’re running around in the dark with night vision cameras and stuffs moving in the jungle or water around them, but they don’t catch the money shot.

Tonight, there were a couple moments where it looked like Josh and crew were in real danger but they managed to wrap it all up in the hour allotted ;).  In the end, it’s entertaining and for someone like myself who generally -hates- any sort of ‘reality tv’, that’s really saying something.